Victorian Real Estate Trust Account Audits

In Victoria, estate agents must establish and maintain a trust account that complies with the Estate Agents Act 1980 and the Estate Agents (General, Accounts and Audit) regulation 2008. The audit of your trust account is due by the 30th September of each year and is regulated by Consumer Affairs Victoria.

About our Auditing Service

We are qualified estate agent trust account auditors and can provide independent assurance on the operation of your trust accounts. Our professional teams provide their auditing service in a timely and effective manner allowing your agency to fully comply with Victorian regulations without unnecessary hindrance to your staff. Our experienced audit teams will:

Review your practices and procedures.

Identify potential issues with your trust account.

Provide you with the necessary assurance report.

Our fixed fee

Our audit fee is fixed at $800 per trust account*; Utilising best practice approach and with our experience in auditing trust account, we are able to employ the most efficient procedure with the value added services to achieve savings to your agency

Visit Consumers Affairs Victoria for more info.

* We reserve the rights to change pricing in the following cases:

  1. On discovery of fraud, or
  2. When an agency utilising a single trust account with more than 100 sale transactions and/or 300 properties under management.

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